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4 Events Leading Up to Your Big Day – The Crescent Beach Club

events leading up to your big day

4 Events Leading Up to Your Big Day – The Crescent Beach Club

As soon as you get engaged, many brides and grooms jump into planning their wedding. Before you get swept into full wedding-planning mode, don’t forget there are a four amazing events leading up to your big day! The party starts way before your big day and these awesome events are perfect for getting in the bridal mood. From an engagement party and bachelorette party, to bridal shower and rehearsal dinner, there are some amazing celebrations in store.

An engagement party is the first event as you prep for your big day!

engagement party at Crescent Beach Club

Engagement parties are a great way to kick off wedding bliss. Generally hosted by one set of parents, engagement parties often happen within the first few months after the engagement. The guest list is typically limited to family and close friends and is a chance to celebrate the engaged couple. It’s also a good chance for families to begin bonding and celebrate the exciting joining of two families.

Before narrowing down your guest list, you’ll first have to secure a venue. Some families choose to host at home, but if you’re looking for elegance with minimal clean-up, choosing a restaurant or event space is the way to go! According to The Knot, a good rule of thumb is to pick a place that matches the formality of the event. Often venues are versatile so if you like somewhere more formal but don’t want a black-tie event you can set the time for brunch and get a more casual feel. Another great option is to match the menu with the vibe you’re going for. If you want to encourage mingling, opt for a buffet, but if you want something formal, go with a plated sit-down meal.

Next up is your bridal shower

bridal shower at Crescent Beach Club

Bridal showers are fun events for brides to bring together friends, family, and loved ones and celebrate. There are many ways to plan, but brides.com discovered that 63% of brides go for a traditional bridal shower. Traditional showers are typically held within 2 months of the wedding date. They are hosted by the bridal party and the bride’s closest female relatives (mom, sisters, and close cousins).

After you finalize your guest list, it’s time to pick the best venue. The most important things to consider are if the venue can match your theme and if it’s somewhere the bride will love. A lot of modern bridal showers are at upscale restaurants and event spaces. The key is to have plenty of room for eating, mingling, playing games, and opening presents! Like a bachelorette party, bridal showers are traditionally filled with games and activities (although a bit more sophisticated). From bridal bingo to purse raid, these are fun ways to keep everyone engaged and shower the bride with love.

Grab your girls, it’s time for a bachelorette party

One of the most exciting events leading up to a wedding is the bachelorette party! Bridesmaids are traditionally the ones to host bachelorette parties, which can be held at any time. What’s great about these parties is that they are a fun way to put the bride in the spotlight and plan a weekend of fun revolving around her! The most important thing to remember when planning is that not all brides have the same idea for what they want. Some brides love the traditional Las Vegas party scene. Others would rather spend the weekend at the beach and spa with their best girlfriends.

No matter what the theme is, Vogue suggests you make sure to not only use some decorations, but feel free to change them up from day to day. Wherever you choose to host the festivities, a few balloons could be fun at a restaurant, and streamers, signs, and color-coordinated décor could be great for the hotel or Airbnb. No matter the venue, there’s always a way you can add a bit of glamour to make it extra special.

The last event before your big day is the rehearsal dinner!

The final stop before your wedding day is a rehearsal dinner. This is a chance for you to bring your family and bridal party together for a beautiful evening leading into your wedding weekend. Traditionally, the parents of the groom host these dinners, while also offering to cover the expense. However, some modern couples have bundled this expense into their full wedding budget. The most important things to consider when picking your venue is the menu, proximity to the wedding day venue (some couples even choose the same venue) and if the space is private enough to make the evening feel intimate. If your wedding is on the beach, a waterfront dinner might be just the trick to get you ready for your big day!

While these are the most common events leading up to your big day, there are a few other parties you can add. From a welcome party to a bridesmaid luncheon, the possibilities are endless. Your wedding is over in the blink of an eye, but adding these extra special events to help you celebrate can help the wedding bliss last even longer! At The Crescent Beach Club, our beachfront venue and restaurant are perfect for hosting all types of events. From full beach weddings to bridal showers, cocktail parties, and more, we have plenty of space and an amazing menu to help make your event one to remember!

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