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5 Essential Wedding Invitation Tips

essential wedding invitation tips

5 Essential Wedding Invitation Tips

When it comes to your wedding, your invitations are a way to make a great first impression. This is your chance to introduce your theme and color palette. Whether you love romantic calligraphy or modern graphic design, you can give your guests an idea of the celebration to come with your invitations. 

So what do you do once you have your stationary picked out? There are many choices in terms of design, what to include in your invitation, and how to make sure it gets safely to your guests.

Here are five essential wedding invitation tips to ensure your wedding invitations include every critical detail and provide seamless instructions for your guests:

1. Cover All the Details

wedding invitations

Like any invitation you’ll need to include the standard date, time, and location. However, when it comes to wedding invitations there are specifics you will want to include. If a majority of guests are coming in from out of town you could include directions to the venue and transport details. If you’re implementing a specific dress code be sure to explain so on your invite. However, if your card is beginning to look crowded, consider featuring certain details on your wedding website or print them on separate enclosure cards. 

2. RSVP Information

RSVP wedding invitation tips

It’s always a thrill to receive RSVPs to your big day! With that being said, your invitations serve as a guide to the number of guests that will attend your wedding. Make sure to include RSVP information on or within your invitation. Many brides and grooms opt for a simple RSVP card, but those looking to save paper can provide a URL to lead guests to RSVP digitally. If you decide to go the traditional route be sure to include a pre-stamped envelope for your guests’ convenience. 

3. Postage

Postage wedding invite tips

Speaking of postage, you don’t want to overlook the size and weight of your invitation. Different shapes, sizes, and materials impact how many stamps you will need. The best route is to go to the post office to weigh your envelope before adding stamps. If your invitations are sent back, they will be marked up and re-dos will be necessary (and expensive!)

Extra Tip: If you want to go the extra mile in terms of design, order custom stamps that incorporate your theme or aesthetic!

4. Have Extra Invites

extra wedding invitations

In a perfect world every letter would be delivered. However, that is not always the case. It’s not unlikely that one of your hundreds of invitations could get misplaced in the postal system. With that being said, we suggest keeping extra invites on hand. When it comes to any part of wedding planning you have to expect the unexpected! If you’re prepared, you can easily send an extra invitation to a family member who just moved or a friend who didn’t receive one. 

5. Proofread!

Proofread your wedding invitations

Before your order is printed, you will receive a proof to look over to make sure all the information is correct and there are no typos. Consider asking a bridesmaid or friend who works in a writing-heavy job to check the proof after you’ve scoured it. Copy editors would advise you to read the proof word for word from left to right for the best accuracy. 

One of the best parts of sending out your wedding invitations is sharing your chosen venue with all your guests! At The Crescent Beach Club we work with every bride and groom to ensure every part of planning and enjoying their big moment is seamless. Call (516) 628-3000 to start planning your dream, beachfront wedding today. And use our wedding invitation tips to ensure that all the guest specifics are covered!

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