5 Ways to Incorporate Your Pet in Your Wedding
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5 Ways to Incorporate Your Pet in Your Wedding – The Crescent Beach Club

Pet in Your Wedding

5 Ways to Incorporate Your Pet in Your Wedding – The Crescent Beach Club

Let’s face it, our pets are our best friends and companions. Of course, it makes sense for brides and grooms to want to incorporate their pet into their wedding, but sometimes this isn’t exactly practical. That’s why many couples are taking this opportunity to find fun ways to include them in their big day. If you’re getting ready at home or able to bring your favorite furball to the venue this can be an awesome opportunity for photos. If that doesn’t work, there are a bunch of creative ways your furry best friend can be a part of your big day.

Signature Drinks

signature drinsk named after your pet

Having signature drinks has become extremely popular for brides and grooms of today. This is so popular in fact that Zola states that 85% of couples plan to create and serve signature cocktails at their receptions. Coming up with a quirky name for these drinks can be difficult so why not think of a way to incorporate your pet? Whether you name your drinks after them or have an artist paint a small picture of them on the sign it’ll be a big hit. Some great easy ideas for names are to simply call the cocktail “The (insert pet name)” like The Henry or The Molly. Another fun way is to find a pun or rhyme. Some great examples are “Bella’s Brews” or “The Jingle Bella” for a holiday theme!

Custom Coasters or Napkins

Coasters and napkins are often the last thing brides and grooms think about when planning a wedding. But what if this could be an opportunity to show off an adorable drawing of your pup? If you have a friend who’s a great illustrator or want to hire an artist these can be a simple (and pretty cost-effective) way to include your pet in your wedding. Another great bonus is every time you look at them, you’ll be reminded of your favorite furry friend!

Cake Topper

Who says your pet can’t be on your cake topper? Some couples are completely replacing the traditional bride and groom topper for one of their pets. Others are ordering custom toppers with silhouettes of them that include a pet for a fun family topper.

Invitations and Stationery

wedding stationary with your pet

This is definitely an easy place to include your pets! Whether you use a small drawing on the designed invitations or an adorable photo of you, your fiancé, and your pet for your save the date, your guests will love this small but meaningful touch!


Have you ever thought of a custom pocket square, handkerchief or cuff links? It seems everything nowadays can be custom made so why not wear a photo of your pet? These subtle touches through accessories can be an awesome way to get meaningful pictures and feel like your furry friend is there with you.

Other Great Ways to Add Your Pet in Your Wedding

Involve your Pet in your Wedding
  • Photo booth cutouts- a massive picture of your cat’s head might be the funniest prop all night!
  • Desserts- do you have an amazing baker you know? Have them design cookies with your pups face on them and throw them in the welcome bag.
  • Add photos on the welcome table- a cute framed photo next to the welcome table could be an adorable way for everyone to be greeted by your pup (just like when they come to your home!)

However you choose to incorporate your pet into your wedding it will be an amazing touch that your guests and you will love! Try one of our ideas or get creative and think outside of the box for an amazing touch to your big day. At The Crescent Beach Club we’ve seen all sorts of fun ways brides and grooms incorporated their pets and can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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