6 Tips to Personalize Your Mitzvah or Sweet Sixteen
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6 Ways to Personalize Your Mitzvah or Sweet Sixteen

6 Ways to Personalize Your Mitzvah or Sweet Sixteen

For many teens, their Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Sweet Sixteen is the biggest day of their adolescent lives. For one day they can celebrate a major stepping stone with all their friends and family at an event filled with food, dancing, and their favorite entertainment. 

However, in the age of social media, it can be hard to differentiate your event from all the others popping up on your feed. At the Crescent Beach Club, we encourage our clients to get in touch with their creative sides and join together to plan a truly unique experience. 

Here are our 6 tips to personalize your Mitzvah or Sweet 16:

1. A Live Performance

Personalize your mitzvah or sweet sixteen with a Live Performance

Anyone who’s ever been to a wedding knows that a grand entrance can set the tone of a reception. The same goes for a Mitzvah or Sweet 16. Your entrance is your opportunity to show who you are and what your party is all about. With that being said, a live performance is a sure-fire way to energize the crowd of guests and show off your talent. Maybe you’re an experienced hip-hop dancer. Replicate your favorite music video or choreograph your own number. Bring in a couple of back-up dancers and you have a full-blown show in the works. Or maybe you’re a skilled drummer. Just have a drumset ready on stage, coordinate some stellar lighting, and let the concert begin. Within the first 10 minutes, your party will stand out from the rest.

2. Offer Signatures Drinks and Dishes

pesonalize your mitzvah or sweet sixteen with signature drinks and dishes

While you may have a fixed menu and array of food stations, a venue like The Crescent Beach Club can work with you to feature some personalization. Is your favorite color blue? With the right ingredients, you can offer a blue “mocktail” at your party with a witty reference to your name, theme, or any other defining characteristic of your event. The same goes for desserts. Work with a food vendor to create the perfect dessert that reflects your personality through design or country of origin. 

3. Photo-Ops!

personalize your mitzvah or sweet sixteen with Photo-Ops

Your big day is no time to be shy. Gussy up to the camera during a pre-event photo shoot and get prints made to be featured as decor. Whether you love old movies and want to go for a retro, pin-up look or you’re a sports fan rocking your team colors and logo – photos are peak personalization! And in this age of modern technology you can even feature photos of you and your friends in real time with social media walls. They’re not just for weddings – just create a custom hashtag and work with your DJ or videographer to set up a live stream of all your friend’s and family’s posts. 

4. The New Game

personalize your mitzvah or sweet sixteen with your name on party favors, desserts and sandcastles.

If photo-shoots aren’t your thing, displaying your name as part of your decor is just as effective. Pick a font that screams your personality and feature your full name or initials wherever you like. You can be as creative as you can with this style of decor. Venues like The Crescent Beach Club, a beachfront locale, feature one-of-a-kind decor opportunities – like sandcastles! You can also feature your name on party favors, desserts, and even lighting projections. 

5. Personal Notes

personalize your mitzvah or sweet sixteen with Personal Notes

This idea depends on the size of your guest list, but if you have the time, personal notes to your guests can be a sentimental finishing touch to your event. You can decide whether you’d like to give them out with party favors or desserts or the days following the event. And, of course, be sure to feature your signature or monogram for that final dose of personalization. 

6. The Right Venue

Your venue itself can say a lot about a birthday girl or boy. You wouldn’t host the Oscars on a football field, afterall. Fortunately, The Crescent Beach Club offers something for everyone. Beach lovers can relish in the beauty of the shoreline and palm trees while gamers can appreciate the abundance of space for arcade games. Additionally, the ballroom is extremely versatile – allowing for a transformation into any theme. 

To find out more information about booking your Mitzvah or Sweet 16 at The Crescent Beach Club call 516-628-3000. Personalize your Mitzvah or Sweet 16 with The Crescent Beach Club.

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