Best Accessories for Your Winter Beach Wedding - The Crescent Beach Club
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Best Accessories for Your Winter Beach Wedding

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Best Accessories for Your Winter Beach Wedding

Beach weddings don’t always have to happen in the spring or summer. In fact, winter weddings by the ocean can breathe exciting life into the event and give a romantic feel to any theme. Hosting your big day in the winter by the ocean gives you the opportunity to have a unique, stand-out wedding. As winter approaches and days get shorter and colder, people are itching for a reason to celebrate and a wedding is the perfect occasion. Grab your favorite accessories so you stay warm and cozy and enjoy your winter beach wedding to the fullest.

One of the most popular winter wedding accessories is a scarf

Standing under your altar with all your family and friends watching can be a surreal moment. You want to enjoy that moment to its fullest so making sure you’re comfortable is key. A lot of brides choose to pair their dress with a beautiful scarf either for the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception or sometimes for the entire event. Scarves are versatile and can range from incredibly elegant to simple and classic. A winter wedding is the perfect excuse to have one on hand for the moments you need to snuggle up.

Huge bouquets can help keep your hands warm (and really pop against your gown)

The definition of accessory is an object that is not essential in itself but adds to the beauty of something else. This means your bouquet is one of the most perfect accessories to utilize carefully. Make your bouquet over the top for your winter beach wedding and you’ll not only add a huge element of drama but also find a great accessory for keeping your hands warm.

Cover up with a shawl, jacket or cape

If you’re looking for something a little warmer than a scarf, you’ll be happy to learn there are tons of options. Faux fur never goes out of style and comes in a wide variety of colors. If faux fur isn’t your thing, you can also check out champagne glitter coats or capes. Another awesome option is a leather jacket. Leather coats over bridal gowns are trending, and brides love to get their new names custom painted to the back. Whatever you choose will make a statement and help keep you cozy for your big day!

Couples love to offer their guests blankets during winter weddings

A new trend for weddings we’ve seen a lot recently is providing gifts throughout the wedding rather than just one favor at the end. In the summer, popular gifts strategically placed throughout include sunscreen and flip flops. In the winter, small blankets are an amazing surprise. If you’re hosting your ceremony or cocktail hour outside, your guests will love the extra special touch. Keep your guests happy and cozy with their own blanket to cuddle into. You can always donate the extra blankets you have left over for a great way to give back! These accessories can truly be the gift that keeps on giving.

At The Crescent Beach Club our waterfront venue is ideal for a wedding in any season. If you want to host your big day in the winter, a great option is to hold your ceremony by the water and then head inside for a cozy night of dinner and dancing. If this option sounds good to you, we might just be the perfect fit!

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