Best Beachfront Wedding Photos - The Crescent Beach Club
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Best Beachfront Wedding Photos

Beachfront wedding photos

Best Beachfront Wedding Photos

Wedding photos document one of the happiest days of your life. The Crescent Beach Club has the perfect backdrop to make your wedding pictures stand out from the rest. The elegant glow from the sunset along the shores of the Long Island Sound is a sight to behold. Anyone can stand on the beach and smile for a picture. However, using the beach surroundings as props can help bring your wedding photos to a new level.

Messages in the Sand 

Wedding Messages in the Sand

A huge perk for getting married at The Crescent Beach Club is the beach.  Use the beach to your advantage by writing messages in the sand. This will make for beautiful beachfront wedding photos. Writing “Mr. & Mrs.” with the date of your wedding scrolled underneath will help bring that extra romance to any picture. The possibilities of romantic messages in the sand are endless.  Another idea is handprints. Imprint you and your spouse’s hand in the sand to add intimacy to your photo. Consider pressing your wedding bands and handprints into the sand for an extra illusion.

Embrace the Sunset 

Sunset pictures are timeless. The sunset at The Crescent Beach Club makes for an elegant and stunning photo. Imagine you and your spouse posing together while the brilliantly red and orange sun bounces off the water. Consider having your groom hold up his wedding band while you stand in the horizon. A circular frame will form around you with rays of natural beauty.

Climb to New Heights 

Wedding Pictures on Lifeguard Stand

Taking a photo from a height is a great way to make a statement while making use of your venue. The Crescent Beach Club features balconies where a photographer can snap a photo of you embracing right up there in the sunshine, sunset, or night sky.

You could also utilize a lifeguard stand – a favorite photo-op for The Crescent Beach Club bridal parties of the past. Your gorgeous dress and your husband’s dapper tuxedo will juxtapose excellently with the nautical nature of the stand. Opt for an intimate couple photo or ask your entire party to surround you at the base. No matter how you frame it this will make for a memorable photo to treasure for years to come.

Bonus: If you want to really make a statement…


Trash the Dress 

Trash the Dress

Yes, you read that correctly. I know it sounds scary, but trashing the dress is actually one of the most popular ways to spice up your wedding pictures. Why not? You only wear it once, right? The wedding dress is one of the most significant parts of your wedding. So maybe these ideas are making you gasp in horror. The idea of soiling a four-figure dress is unbearable. However, a trash the dress photo shoot makes for stunning and equally memorable photos.

There are a lot of different routes you can go when tainting your clean, white gown. The most impressive option is to incorporate the water. Consider walking through the water with your groom, allowing your dress to drag along behind you. If your feeling riskier, you and your groom can go into the water halfway. Go all the way and embrace each other if you like. This makes for a twist on the traditional romantic kissing photo.

If you’d rather not lay in the water along with your groom, there are other fun options. Consider bringing some brightly colored powder bombs onto the beach. These will creates puffs of colored powder in the air around, surrounding you and your groom. You will be left with a pastel masterpiece of a dress.

The best part about trash your dress photo shoots is the opportunity to be creative with them! There are so many different ways to make it your own, especially with an entire beach at your disposal.

One day you and your spouse and family will look back at your wedding album to embrace nostalgia. A wedding on the shores of The Crescent Beach Club will cement that unforgettable experience of a local beachfront destination wedding for all time.

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