How to Plan a Corporate Beach Event - The Crescent Beach Club
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How to Plan a Corporate Beach Event

corporate beach event

How to Plan a Corporate Beach Event

Your company hosts an annual corporate gathering and this year they want to take the event to the beach! Although you can’t take the entire team to a Caribbean Island, maybe you can bring the Carribean to the team! However, the most important question is where to host this type of event. The Crescent Beach Club – located less than one hour from Manhattan, is the perfect venue to host a destination-style beachfront corporate event.

The Crescent Beach Club combines the elegance of an indoor venue with the carefree beach of an exotic Carribean island. When considering important venue features such as private beachfront access, room to spread out, diverse and delicious catering options, and a very local location,  The Crescent Beach Club surely stands out as the ideal venue.  Now that you’ve selected your perfect beachfront venue, let’s start planning your company get together.

Creating the Mission of Your Corporate Gathering

Your company may be planning an event to design strategy, establish new goals, brainstorm new products and ideas, build teamwork, train, or honor employees.

Depending on the mission, create your beachfront event aligned with these goals in mind.  And plan to fully utilize and optimize the water, the beach, and the unique indoor/outdoor venue options at The Crescent Beach Club.  

Here are a few important plans to consider:

  • If you’re planning to host training sessions or any type of presentations or award recognition ceremonies, think about where the speakers and trainers will conduct their presentations. Consider the noise, stage, and technology that may be required. 
  • Food is always an integral part of any occasion and is ultimately very important to your guests and the success of your event. Consider an outdoor barbecue, a clambake on the beach, or a more formal, indoor catered affair. 
  • Continuing to build stronger team camaraderie is an important goal for many companies.  If this is one of your priorities, there are several beach team building exercises that can be integrated into your Carribean-style company event. Consider land and water competitions, sandcastle building contests, beach volleyball, paddle boarding or kayaking lessons, and scavenger hunts, to name a few.

Invitations to Your Beach Gathering

When people find out that you are planning a beachfront corporate event, you will be inundated with hints and direct requests to join. So, who are you inviting?  

Hosting a smaller event for just your company has many advantages and allows for a more intimate and team-driven atmosphere. Yet, inviting partners, suppliers and/or vendors allows your company to demonstrate a commitment to partner relationships and may serve to deepen them as well. Who you decide to invite will help dictate the full mission and agenda of your corporate offsite beach event. 

Allow Your Beach Venue’s Team to Help Plan Your Event

The team at The Crescent Beach Club is experienced with hosting corporate beach events. Once they understand your mission and who is attending, they can help you develop a list of next steps and things to consider and plan for.  Sit down with them early in the process to ensure that you are on the same page from day one. The Crescent Beach Club can also refer you to reliable, endorsed vendors that will help execute your training, team building exercises, and award ceremonies. 

Every Beachfront Corporate Event Needs a Backup Plan

Weather is unpredictable, especially if you are hosting an outdoor event on the beaches of  Long Island, New York! The weather can turn cold, rainy or windy on any given day! 

This is why you need to have a backup plan or Plan B. As an indoor/outdoor venue, The Crescent Beach Club will ensure that your Plan B is in place and ready to implement at any time. You may not be able to sit under the outdoor palm trees or paddle board on a rainy day, but The Crescent Beach Club can turn the festivities on inside their venue with Carribean music, limbo dancing, hula contests, game shows, awards ceremonies, and fun delicacies!

With all of this in mind, you can now remain focused and organized on your Corporate event mission and begin designing an unforgettable beachfront corporate gathering. The team at The Crescent Beach Club will collaborate with you to create the perfect beach event that aligns with your company’s goals and brings your team to the Carribean without ever leaving New York!

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