Keep Wedding Plans in Motion with These 6 At-Home Ideas
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Keep the Wedding Plans in Motion with These 6 At-Home Ideas

Keep Wedding Plans in Motion

Keep the Wedding Plans in Motion with These 6 At-Home Ideas

You are in control of the actions you take to stay safe and healthy. These actions also impact the safety and health of your friends and family.  And, although your wedding day may currently be paused, you can choose to take control and keep your wedding plans in motion. When given the gift of time, there are several wedding details that can be created, crafted, customized, and checked off the list.

Don’t Outsource; Do It Yourself

You now have extra time for other activities. Convert this found time into money. Tasks that you would normally outsource, you may be able to do yourself and with the help of your significant other and several family members. 

Design Your Own Invitation Cards

DIY Invitation Cards

If you and your significant other are creative and have some artistic ability, consider painting or hand-drawing your own wedding invitation cards. This can also be a very enjoyable and relaxing activity. If you’re feeling anxious, the benefits of this activity may be twofold. Creative activities help in reducing stress and improving moods. 

If you don’t have an artistic eye, you can still create simple, elegant cards. Online tools such as offer user-friendly graphic design tools with templates you can easily modify to design your perfect invitation cards. Once you design the graphic, review our essential wedding invitation list to ensure your invitations leave space to include all the important information. You now have your own unique, hand-made wedding invitations ready to go.  All you have left is to input all the details once the wedding details are re-confirmed. 

Create D.I.Y. Wedding Favors

There are countless creative do-it-yourself wedding party favors for you to explore. These personalized details will make your guests feel very special. Like the wedding invitation cards, designing these creative crafts can be incredibly gratifying. For many people, it can be very rewarding to work with their hands and craft something very meaningful, especially when crafting it as a couple or a family.

Personalized wedding favor bags are definitely a unique idea that you and your fiance can customize together.  Supporting local businesses is so critical, especially right now. Create a bag of personalized gifts that represent the local area or a special place. This is a wonderful way to be creative and support local. There are several wedding favor ideas that you and your fiance can work on together in the comfort of your home. 

Craft Home-Made Decorations

Home Made Decorations

If you have a specific theme or aesthetic you want to create for your wedding, you can customize your own home-made wedding decorations. This will be a hefty item to check off your wedding list, so it could be a very effective use of your found time. Think about your seating chart, menu displays, guest books and what you want your guests to throw after you walk down the aisle. Whether you have an old-fashioned rustic reception or a gorgeous Carribean beach-themed wedding planned, you have a lot of room to get creative with home-made decor ideas!

Perfect Your Playlist

Create the perfect vibe at your wedding through sound. Music will set the mood of the event, so it’s important to put together a thoughtful playlist beforehand that will flow throughout the duration of the event. You have time to personalize the songlist to your liking, incorporating tunes that hold special meaning to you, your soon-to-be spouse, and your loved ones. And, if you have a band, point out any unique or not so popular songs ahead of time so they are assured to be ready for your wedding day. 

Draft Your Vows and Speeches

Take time to reflect on memories of you, your partner, family, and friends. You can really put thought into your speeches and vows, carefully crafting sentences and selecting words to express how you feel. Think back to meaningful, funny and memorable moments shared by you and your significant other. Expressing these memories are arguably the most important component of your wedding, because they are what people will remember decades from now!  

Add a Personal Touch

Finally, with the rest of your time, you can add personal touches to your wedding celebration. This may include sifting through photo albums, online photos and old home videos. Craft a touching slideshow or hang photos in an artful display. You can also create a fun game, quirky escort cards, or illustrated cocktail napkins to add an aspect of entertainment to the celebration. 

There are so many ways you can take control and continue planning your wedding right now, from the comfort of your own home. Whichever activities you choose to spend time creating together, it will be quality time well spent and you will keep your wedding plans in motion!

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