Rescheduling Your Wedding during Covid19
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Rescheduling Your Wedding Due to Coronavirus

rescheduling your wedding due to coronavirus

Rescheduling Your Wedding Due to Coronavirus

You’ve been dreaming of your special day for a while now- it’s been in the works for months, or even years. You’ve chosen the perfect dress, booked a beach venue, hired a live band, selected the cake, and crafted the party favors. It was all ready to go- until COVID-19 took the world by storm. The coronavirus outbreak has managed to temporarily pause everything from theme parks, vacations, concerts, sports, birthdays and that’s right- wedding ceremonies. And now you’re faced with rescheduling your wedding day. You’re probably wondering what the course of action is regarding these current events.

Rescheduling Your Wedding

The Centers for Disease Control has decreed that no one gather in groups of 10 people or more, and New York State has now closed down 100% of non-essential businesses.  After all the time, money, and energy you spent planning your wedding, you are required to reschedule. This does not mean that your dream wedding will not happen. Coronavirus may have won this round, but your wedding will win the match, and you will once again be able to embrace and dance with your loved ones without worry. 

Use This Extra Time To Your Advantage

Make Your Health Top Priority

Coronavirus has caused a mass change in pace – everything in our society that once operated at a frenetic, rampant pace, has now leveled out. Time itself seems to have slowed down. You can utilize this time to focus on your health and practice self-care, helping bring you into a calmer state in which you become your best self, inside and out. This means: DIY face masks, candles, at-home mani-pedis, full-body moisturizing, meditation, and any other self-care rituals you may normally not have the time to practice. These acts of self-love will not only make you feel better and healthier now during these trying times, but will also prep you in the long term to have the best possible wedding day you could dream of. 

Savor the Gift of Time with Loved Ones

Use this newfound time as an opportunity to reconnect with your fiancé and loved ones. Whether it’s a phone or Facetime call with a relative, doing a puzzle with a young family member or spending quality time playing games, looking through old photos, or watching a movie with your fiancé, spending time and tending to these important relationships is time well spent. Although the coronavirus has disrupted our lives and paused our important plans, it has also gifted us with precious time to connect. Embrace this gift while it lasts.

Envision Your Dream Wedding

Whatever you do, don’t stop dreaming! If you start to panic or feel down that your wedding day will never happen, keep envisioning the dream! Professional athletes use visualization techniques before big games to get themselves in the zone and achieve desirable outcomes! Keep picturing the imagery of crystal blue waves and palm trees swaying in the warm breeze at your lovely beach wedding. Picture all of your loved ones smiling, laughing, and dancing beneath the stunning beach sunset. If you can dream it, you can achieve it! 

Rescheduling your wedding destination

Rescheduling Your Wedding Destination

Many couples scheduled destination weddings in the Caribbean, Italy, or other exotic locations that have gone into lockdown. If that is still your dream wedding, then keep envisioning it. However, some couples may want to create that exotic beach destination wedding right here in Long Island, keeping their guests as local and safe as possible. The Crescent Beach Club offers beach ceremonies on the sand, cocktail hour under the palm trees, and stunning water views – everything that you were envisioning for that wedding in the Carribean! 

Keep Planning

In addition to keeping up with self-care practices and keeping your vision alive, use the extra time allotted by the coronavirus outbreak to keep planning and rescheduling your wedding plans. Now you can invest more time and thought into making your wedding even more unforgettable than you would have been able to before. Think through the cake flavors and wedding menu. Start creating your own personal playlist with meaningful songs rather than playing your DJ’s selection. And start getting crafty! For example, you can now take the time to make your own D.I.Y party favors and wedding decorations. Putting thought into these details will add an element of personal touch to your wedding, making you and all of your guests feel extra special. (Plus, they’re tons of fun!)

Practice Gratitude

During these times of uncertainty and trepidation, it’s important to remain grateful for what you do have. Your initial wedding plans may not have panned out exactly as thought, but you still have the opportunity to have an absolutely breathtaking wedding ceremony in the future. For now, if you have loved ones, family, friends, food, health, and a roof over your head, try to focus on those things if you ever start to feel overwhelmed about rescheduling your wedding. Consider keeping a gratuity log to remember all the amazing things in your life you have to be grateful for. This will help you remain optimistic and resilient, so that when the time comes to make your wedding day happen, you’ll be ready, and it will be that much sweeter. 

To reschedule your wedding or book a new one, contact The Crescent Beach Club at 516-628-3000.

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