Romantic Wedding Ceremony Music Ideas - The Crescent Beach Club
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Romantic Wedding Ceremony Music Ideas

Harps make romantic wedding ceremony music

Romantic Wedding Ceremony Music Ideas

Music is inherently part of any wedding celebration. Often times the music of a wedding projects the personality of the bride and groom themselves. This is especially true when it comes to your ceremony. Your wedding ceremony music choice should capture the tone and spirit of your romance. Fortunately, today, you can customize your big moment down to each note and footstep. Here are some ideas to make your ceremony the pinnacle of romance:

A Live Vocalist
A Live Vocalist for Wedding Ceremony Music

Today, many brides are opting to hire a vocalist for their ceremony. The simplicity of one beautiful voice guiding guests through the procession in song often outshines pre-recordings. You can also work with the vocalist to get the perfect tempo and pacing to match up with your procession. The same cannot be said for a recording.

Additionally, you can often seek out vocalists based on a specific criteria of genre. For instance, many local performers will brand themselves based on their style. You can easily search for opera singers, country singers, and jazz singers in your area to perform at your event. Venues like The Crescent Beach Club may even have a list of preferred vendors where you can find the best local talent.


Don’t be afraid to explore the beauty of classical music. You may find your answer to ceremony music selections in a harpist. Harps have always been associated with romance and luxury. To many people’s surprise, the sound of a harp can fill a large room brilliantly all on its own.

Many professional harpists will provide you with recordings of their work. This will allow you to pick the song choices that best align with your aural vision for the ceremony. Most harpists include famous classical pieces like “Bridal Chorus” and “Cannon in D” in their repertoire. However, many musicians also offer more contemporary selections like “Over the Rainbow” and Michael Bublé songs.

String Quartet 

String Quartet for Wedding CeremoniesIf you’re aiming for the utmost elegance, consider a full string quartet. It features the standard two violins, viola, and cello. If you’re planning a wedding at a beachfront venue like The Crescent Beach Club, the quartet will only compliment the beauty around you.

As with the other live performers, a string quartet allows you to be flexible with pacing the music. If any member of the party is delayed, for instance, the quartet can easily slow down the tempo. Alternatively, they can also replay the end of any selection with any visual cues. Meanwhile, a pre-recorded selection might be a nuisance to rewind and replay.

Quartets are also great when left to direct themselves. The soft melodies flowing through the seating area makes the event a full sensory experience. Experienced quartets often know the procedures of ceremonies and will make sure to fill up time when you need them to.

Ceremony DJ 

If you do not want to opt for live entertainment, you can opt for a ceremony DJ to ensure your music plays at the right time. This could be the DJ who is scheduled for the reception or a separate professional DJ. Either way, it takes away some of the stress knowing your music is in the right hands.

Here are a few details you will want to consider:

  • Make sure your DJ is ready to start the music early enough in order to play the prelude
  • Always double check if the song or orchestration you want is in the DJ’s library – if not, give them a flash drive with all requested songs before the event
  • Coordinate with your event planner and DJ about the placement of the DJ booth
  • Also coordinate with DJ and venue about how to accommodate wireless microphones for speeches and vows

A good DJ will put all your concerns at ease and plans ahead to make sure everything runs smoothly.

No matter which route you choose for your wedding ceremony music, the natural sounds of The Crescent Beach Club’s shore will add ambiance to any ceremony. Be sure to ask your event planner about the live musicians and DJs on The Crescent Beach Club’s preferred vendor list.

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