5 Biggest Fall Wedding Trends - The Crescent Beach Club
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The 5 Biggest Fall Wedding Trends

The 5 Biggest Fall Wedding Trends

From pumpkin spice lattes to Halloween season, there is a lot to love about fall! It’s no surprise that more and more brides are marking their calendars for an autumn wedding. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony at a venue like The Crescent Beach Club there’s even more to take advantage of. The weather is temperate and the “golden hour” of sunsets are absolutely stunning. 

To make sure your fall wedding is the peak of romance and beauty, here are some of this season’s biggest fall wedding trends: 

1. Elaborate Gowns and Colorful Suits

fall wedding gown trends

Brides and grooms are thinking outside the box this season. Expect to see colorful tuxedos on men. Jewel tone tuxedo jackets are especially on trend – adding to a colorful fall wedding palette. In terms of wedding dresses, brides are opting for lace, vintage, and other unique styles that show their personality. We’re talking lots of detailing and stunning trains. Cooler weather and lower humidity also allows for long sleeves, which can keep you warm on a windy day. 

2. Earthy Autumnal Flowers, Greenery, and More

Fall flower wedding trends

It’s important to know what flora is in season no matter what season your wedding is scheduled for. Often times certain types of flowers are unavailable or difficult to obtain in particular months. Fortunately, fall offers a beautiful, earthy array of flowers and greenery for bouquets and decor. 

Some on-trend examples include: 

  • Dahlias (burgundy is especially beautiful for a fall wedding)
  • Garden roses (a good substitute for peonies)
  • Marigolds (available in traditional fall colors of gold, orange, and red)
  • Sunflowers (an eye-catching, unconventional bouquet choice)

Autumnal you may want to consider for table decor:

  • Seasonal berries
  • Acorns
  • Scabiosa pods
  • Heather and twigs
  • Eucalyptus 
  • Boxwood

The possibilities are endless! No matter what color palette you select, you will surely find autumnal flowers and greenery to support these fall wedding trends. 

3. A Dark, Moody Palette

Speaking of palettes, the big trend this fall is dark, moody colors. A dark palette can add a bit of drama to your decor, floral arrangements, cake, and beyond. You can go as big or as subtle as you like with deep purples, blacks, burgundys, blues, and more. 

Here are some suggested palettes to consider:

  • Merlot, black, and ivory
  • Maroon and navy 
  • Black and forest green
  • Burgundy and dusty blue OR yellow OR gray OR orange 
  • Purple and gray 

Even if you’re hosting an outdoor beach ceremony, you can add touches of your dark palette to your ceremony display, bouquet, and bridesmaid dresses. Then, later, when the guests enter the ballroom for the reception you can truly signal a change from formality to sleek, autumnal glamour. That is one of the benefits of a versatile venue like The Crescent Beach Club. 

4. Velvet All Over!

velvet is a fall wedding trend

Velvet is the fabric of the moment. Although it’s popped up a bit over the last few years, it’s bigger than ever this fall. We’re talking dresses, tablecloths, bouquet ribbons, and everywhere in between. It is the perfect fabric for those moody fall colors discussed above. While many might consider velvet to be majorly formal, the alternative crushed velvet offers a more casual look. Some more subtle ideas include: velvet guest books, bowties, garters, and even shoes. 

The bottom line: if you’re a fashion forward bride, you’re going to want to incorporate this fabric somewhere (or everywhere!)

5. Cosmic Geode Desserts

Cosmic Geode desserts are a fall wedding trend

Geode wedding cakes blew up in 2019, but they are absolutely perfect for a fall wedding. They sync up with the darker palettes and the aforementioned velvet aesthetic. However, this fall there is a new twist on geode cakes and desserts. Specifically, cake designers are incorporating a cosmic aesthetic. Your cake might just rival “A Starry Night” with elements of the night sky popping up on a dark fondante. 

A complete celestial wedding theme may not be your cup of tea, but you can bring it in subtly on your cake or cupcake tower. Cake artists may suggest metallic painting techniques or the use of edible jewels to represent the planets. With a talented artist on hand, you could have a work of art to rival the gorgeous evening skyline at The Crescent Beach Club. 

The Crescent Beach Club takes pride in helping brides and grooms incorporate their dream aesthetic into their beachfront wedding. You can have your cake and eat it too – literally! Our brides love the versatility of our grand ballroom and fireplace room in addition to our famous white sand beach. Contact us today to start planning your dream local destination beachfront wedding and take advantage of these fall wedding trends!

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