The Crescent Beach Club’s Famous Palm Trees - The Crescent Beach Club
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The Crescent Beach Club’s Famous Palm Trees

The Crescent Beach Club’s Famous Palm Trees

When you think of a tropical paradise, a few details come to mind. There is the bright blue ocean water, white sand beaches, and – of course – shady palm trees. Long Island is blessed with a plethora of beaches, but few feature tropical trees. The Crescent Beach Club in Bayville, however, imports live, lush palm trees every year. 

History of Palm Trees at The Crescent Beach Club

In order to bring a slice of tropical paradise to Long Island, the original Crescent Beach Club staff were inspired to go above and beyond. They decided to find out if it was possible to transport over thirty palm trees from Florida up to Bayville, New York. As you can see – it was possible.

The Crescent Beach Club’s reputation for bringing beach destination events to the next level is well earned. Instead of opting for cheesy, fake trees, they go the extra mile for the real deal. Year after year brides and grooms fall in love with the breathtaking views of palm trees dotting the shores of the Long Island Sound. 

Adonidia Palm Trees

The Crescent Beach Club specifically imports Adonidia palm trees from southern Florida to give its shores its signature tropical feel. Also known as the “Christmas Palm,” this ornamental tree is perfect for small landscape areas. It is self-cleaning – spent fronds fall off by themselves – and pest free. It is considered the smaller cousin of the Royal Palm with a green crown shaft, gray trunk, and long full fronds. They grow from 12 to 15 feet on average. They perfect best in full sun, but also tolerate partial shade. 

Palm Tree Installation

palm tree installation at The Crescent Beach Club

Each May the staff of The Crescent Beach Club readies for a large flat-bed truck to roll into the parking lot packed with palms. It takes a team of about eight in order to unload, transport, and install the trees. The process takes two to three days depending on the weather.

palm tree delivery at The Crescent Beach Club

First, all the trees are carefully removed from the truck and gently laid down on the ground. At first sight the leaves are drooping because the live trees are in shock. However, once they are installed in the ground they begin to regain their elegant stature. 

While the trees are being unloaded another team digs up the root balls from the previous years. These will be buried with the new trees as they help them to flourish. Unlike regular tree roots, these root balls branch very little and do not increase in size with growth of the tree. 

Installing tropical palm trees

After the palms are individually transported to the beach using a small vehicle they are placed in the holes. The installers rebury the roots and insert the palms into the holes before finally covering them up with sand. The area around the newly installed palm trees is covered in even more sand to complete the look of a natural, tropical shore. 

What Our Guests Say

Here are a just a few rave reviews about our seaside palm paradise:

“The Crescent looks like a destination wedding in the Caribbean. The view is amazing, the food is delicious, the staff is personable and attentive. I could go on and on. The day went by way too fast, I wish I could do it all again.” – Nicole D.

“My daughter got married here 10 days ago. The Crescent Beach Club is a stunning site. We chose it after visiting over 50 wedding venues – it just stood out with the beach location, palm trees and the white sand. Amazing!” – Eva G.

“Everyone who saw pictures of my wedding was convinced it took place on an island in the Caribbean or in Florida. The beauty of the venue and quality of the service were better than I could have asked for in a beach wedding.” – Brittany S.

Famous Shots

Over the years our brides and grooms have utilized The Crescent Beach Club’s famous palm trees for creative wedding photo shoots. 

Here are some of our favorite photos:

The Crescent Beach Club prides itself in being Long Island’s premier beach destination wedding venue. The sights of the palm trees, the white sand, and the ocean will make you feel like you’re in the Caribbean or another tropical locale. This summer is the perfect time of year to take a tour of the venue. Call 516-628-3000 to schedule yours this season and see The Crescent Beach Club for yourself. 

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