The Evolution of Wedding Invitations - The Crescent Beach Club
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The Evolution of Wedding Invitations

Evolution of Wedding Invitations

The Evolution of Wedding Invitations

Weddings are evolving as modern brides are leaning more towards planning an over-the-top celebration and away from a formal occasion. Along with this new trend, almost every element of a wedding has evolved, from dresses to invitations. Many modern brides are looking at their big day as their opportunity to throw a huge party that their favorite people will remember for years to come. The invitation is your first chance to set the stage for what to expect during the festivities.

Early wedding invitations were often engraved and incorporated little in terms of design. There are so many companies out there with unique designs and added elements that brides are leaning towards creative invites. Invites are designed with wedding colors and themes in mind and some now include schedules, luggage tags, and other personalized items. 

The History of Wedding Invitations

Years ago, the tradition with wedding invitations was for the invitation to be pressed on an inked copper plate individually. This method of engraving got expensive and was very formal. Next was thermography, which had a raised feel on one side, giving the illusion of engraving. Now, we use companies both big and small that produce all types of paper, fonts, and designs giving brides more flexibility. The latest trend is moving the whole invitation online. 

The history of wedding invitation text is an interesting one. It used to be customary to write out full names of parents, bride, and groom and use phrases like “formal reception to follow”. Now brides are using this opportunity to get creative and including more than just their parents’ names in the invites. Trends in text for today’s invites include “together with their families” and “dinner & dancing to follow”. Some are even opting for a mix and match of formal and fun for a personalized flow. 

Not only were the invitations formal in text and design, but the envelopes had their own style too. Formal calligraphy and writing the full name of the household has always been a tradition and looks beautiful in the mail. Some brides still lean towards this route, but others are looking for a more casual handwritten script or have their invitation company print the names in a fun font. Invitations 50 years ago were very simple and elegant and have evolved over time to be more custom.

Digital & RSVP Trends 

The biggest change in the world of wedding invitations is the influence of digital. Some brides are collecting RSVPs on their wedding website and printing the webpage directly on their invitations. Others are going completely online with emailed invitations and RSVP reminders. A few brides are even going to Facebook to send their save the dates! While a small number of brides are leaning towards digital, a lot more still prefer snail mail invites but with some flair.

What was once just an RSVP and formal invitation has now turned into a mini invitation suite. Customization and guest accommodations are finding their way into invitation suites too. Rather than a simple RSVP and meal choice, some brides are using this as the perfect place to get creative. RSVP’s to brunch and welcome dinners are often included on wedding websites and invitations. Some brides are even adding additional questions onto the RSVP like what song the guest would love to hear on the dance floor. This makes guests feel like they’re a part of the event and is a great way to build the anticipation.

Customization for Every Bride

For a completely customized invitation suite, some brides are including the schedule of the wedding day (or wedding weekend). These schedules list out brunches, welcome parties, and sometimes include other things to do in town. Other suites include luggage tags for destination weddings and even maps of the location. People love getting invites in the mail and the more information the brides include, the more they feel it’s a fun occasion with events they will enjoy!

Text styles have also seen a big change over the years. Instead of “holy matrimony”, brides are using phrases like “our big day”. Some brides still write out their parent’s full names while others say, “together with their families”. Another trend is making the text allude to a fun party. A new popular change is instead of “formal reception to follow”, some brides are saying “followed by dinner, drinks & dancing”. 

In today’s society we’ve seen a lot of “change the date” cards in the mail. When a bride has to change the date of their wedding due to unforeseen events, it can be hard to find the right words. Using a fun saying in a letter to your friends and family is the perfect way to keep it upbeat. Some of the most popular sayings include “change of plans”, “scratch that, new plans”, and “let’s try this again”. 

Last but not least, a lot of invitation companies are adding in custom elements. Whether incorporating a watercolor of the venue, a custom crest, or some fun symbols the possibilities are endless. This is the perfect place to embrace the vibe of your wedding venue. If you’re getting married at a waterfront venue like The Crescent Beach Club you could easily add in beautiful waterfront elements like waves, sand, and complementary colors!

Wedding invitations are the very first impression of your big day for your guests. It’s great to add personalization and your own unique flair to set the stage for what your dream day will be like. From colors and design elements to text and wedding websites the possibilities are endless when designing your dream suite. Whether you’re looking for formal or fun the world is your oyster when designing your invitations!

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