The Most Delectable Wedding Cake Trends - The Crescent Beach Club
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The Most Delectable Wedding Cake Trends

Jovon Photography Wedding Cake Photo

The Most Delectable Wedding Cake Trends

Along with your dress, venue, and decor, choosing your ideal wedding cake is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a bride. The industry itself is a mix of culinary prowess and pure artistry. Your wedding cake can reflect your personality along with the theme or color palette of your wedding. Go beyond traditional white fondant to really impress your guests.

Here are some of the most inspiring wedding cake trends this season:


Florals with Foliage 

Florals with Foliage wedding cake

Floral accents on wedding cakes are timeless. It’s easy to integrate your color palette and/or your bridal bouquet blossoms into the design. However, a recent trend emerging is adding greenery into the mix. Some brides are opting for traditional flowers with fern accents. Meanwhile, others are forsaking the blossoms altogether. Instead they’re opting for large leaves, rosemary sprigs, and even aromatic herbs. Experts recommend pairing your foliage of choice with a simple white cake base to really make it pop.

Hand Painted

Handpainted Weddding Cakes

A hand painted wedding cake is one of the most personalized options out there. Whether you opt for abstract brush strokes or watercolor flowers, these cakes are individual works of art. The cutting-edge cake bakers creating them put in an incredible amount of detail. For instance, if your theme is minimalist your baker can embellish the cake with tiny vines on a white canvas. Or if you have a beachy theme to reflect your beachfront wedding you can request waves. Just top it off with miniature beach chairs and your vision is complete!

Single Tier 

Single Tier Wedding Cakes

We’re all familiar with the classic three tier wedding cake. Recently, however, bakers and couples alike are finding inspiration in single tier cakes . These cakes are ideal for a smaller, intimate wedding with a shorter guest list. They can also be utilized for wedding showers or rehearsal dinners. Additionally, these are great options if you’re not a cake person and plan on serving other desserts. Alternatively, the structure of the cake can help make it center stage on a dessert table. Your personalized cake toppers or statement blossoms will naturally catch your eye on a single tier.

Black Cakes 

Black Wedding Cakes

When choosing your cake color, a black cake may not come to mind. Surprisingly, a black base makes for a stunning, unique display. If you’re looking for something outside the box, this style may be for you. Not only is it sophisticated, but it makes the details stand out. You can tone it down with fresh flowers, drip icing, or pastel colors for a happy medium. And if glamour is what you’re aiming for try some metallic accents.

Pressed Edible Flowers 

Pressed Edible Flowers on Wedding Cakes

Edible flowers have become a trendy hit with millenials for appetizer accents to cocktails. The same can be said for the cake industry. If you’re looking for a classic floral theme with a twist, this cake may be for you. There are a wide variety of flowers and herbs available in all shapes, sizes, and colors. This is especially true in the summer months. Since florist’s flowers are not edible, bakers turn to organic farms ensuring they’re safe to eat. You can cover an entire cake or even mix petals into the icing for a flecked finish.

Geode Cake 

Geode Wedding Cake

You don’t have to be a geologist to appreciate the beauty of a geode cake. Covered in gorgeous edible crystals, your guests will be in awe. Are you born in February? Honor your birth stone with a stunning amethyst infused cake. Love a piece of topaz jewelry your fiance gave you? Make it part of the delectable display. And as you can see, the rock candy is not just an accent. Bakers are able to indent the cake to create a carved out effect to enhance the aesthetic.

The Crescent Beach Club works with some of the best bakeries in the tri-state area. Check out our preferred vendor list to find a baker to create  your dream wedding cake!

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