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Trendy Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

wedding guest book idea - surfboard signing

Trendy Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

A wedding guest book is a precious keepsake that commemorates your special day and all the people you shared it with. Traditionally, the guest book is a bound book with a beautiful cover accompanied by a fountain pen. However, like all wedding traditions, much fun can be had in defying the norm. Customize the wedding guest book experience to fit your style and personality. 

Here are some of the trendiest wedding guest book alternatives to consider for your wedding:

Antique Typewriter

wedding guest book antique typewriter

Do you love all things vintage? Incorporate an antique typewriter into your retro chic themed wedding. Your guests can type out cute well wishes and memories to you on the stationary of your choosing. Be sure to include simple instructions and a place for guests to drop their notes into like a mason jar. You can go the extra mile and include envelopes and wax seals to add to the aesthetic. F. Scott Fitzgerald would be proud of your dedication to the craft of writing!

Surfboard Signing – A Unique Wedding Guest Book

wedding guest book surfboard signatures

Beach lovers flock to The Crescent Beach Club for their dream wedding by the ocean. Why not tie in your beach locale with a surfboard display for guests to sign? It’s as easy as signing a yearbook, but on a much cooler surface! When the wedding is over you can mount your board on a wall in your home. If you’re a surfer you may want to go the extra mile and have your board sealed so you can surf with all the messages preserved.

A Wishing Tree

wedding guest book wishing tree

This is no ordinary tree. Usually created with gorgeous metallic or stained wooden branches, wishing trees are an elegant addition to your decor. Make it as simple or extravagant as you like. If you’re going the DIY route you’ll just need to buy the branches of your choice and place them in a pot of vase with marbles or similar weights to keep them in place. Then you can drape strings of jewels or translucent beads throughout the branches for extra drama. Finally, make cards with ribbons attached that your guests can write their well wishes or advice on and hang on the branches. If you’re not up for an extra project there are many pre-made wishing trees available for purchase on websites like Etsy. This guest book alternative makes for a delightful keepsake to display in your home. 

Wine Bottles

wedding guest book wine bottles

Popping open a bottle of your favorite wine on your 25th wedding anniversary will be all the more special with a keepsake bottle. Set up a display for guests to sign a dark bottle with a metallic sharpie. Depending on the size of your guest list you may want to have a couple of backup bottles in case your friends and family run out of room. That sip of wine on your special day of recollection will taste even better as you discover cute notes from loved ones with your partner by your side. 

Word Games

Mad Libs used in weddings

Remember Mad Libs? The phrasal template word game prompts others for a list of words to substitute for blanks in a story. The best part is hearing the comical, and sometimes borderline outrageous, story read aloud. Add some fun to the guest book tradition and invite your guests to play Wedding Mad Libs. You can instruct guests to fill out cards asking for nouns, adjectives, verbs, places, etc. and drop them in a container of your choice. While it would definitely be fun to piece them together with your partner, you could also make it a highlight of your reception. Read a few aloud and see your ballroom explode with laughter. This nostalgic activity will definitely be memorable!

The Crescent Beach Club’s event planners and staff love assisting wedding parties with all the details that make a wedding shine. If there is a special display to support your wedding guest book idea we can help turn your it into a reality! 

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