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Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Ceremony Program

wedding ceremony program

Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Ceremony Program

Not sure what to write on your wedding ceremony program? On top of everything else you need to do in preparation for your big day, coming up with ideas may seem daunting. However, with every guest reading your program before your walk down the aisle, you want to make sure it reflects you and your overall wedding. 

Here are some ideas to turn a boring booklet into a creative piece of memorabilia:

Cootie Catcher Programs

You may remember cootie catchers from grade school. Also called a paper fortune teller, these little origami creations concealed messages. When unfolded, they can reveal the key elements of the ceremony like the date, officiant information, thank you notes and more. 

For example: 

cootie catcher wedding ceremony program

Your guests will have a nostalgic blast unfolding the flaps to reveal the wedding ceremony program. Don’t be surprised if you see them manipulating the device by counting colors and numbers like in third grade. 

They are even cost efficient. Many sellers will design your program for you and supply you with the final PDF for around $30. All you have to do is print them out and fold away. 

Interactive Surprises

For another non-traditional wedding ceremony program, try adding an interactive surprise element. Your program can instruct guests to use a fun surprise like mini tubes of bubbles or a pouch of flowers. When you finally walk down the aisle hand in hand with your new husband or wife a shower of flowers or bubbles will create a beautiful display. Plus, your program will double as a bag or holder for whatever prize you choose to include!

Sheet Music

Is the bride or groom a musician or just a music lover in general? A scroll of sheet music is an elegant choice for your program. You can wrap them in twine and seal with a vintage wax seal. Guests will be able to read through the itinerary with ease while also enjoying the music. Choose sheet music to a song that you and your fiance love to add some more romance. You can even provide some foreshadowing and include the sheet music to your first dance or walk down the aisle. 


wedding ceremony program fans

On a hot summer day your guests will love you and your fan programs. Along with the sea breeze, these fans will keep guests cool and informed. All you need to do is attach handles to the printed programs and voila! For an extra decorative touch attach a ribbon that shows off your wedding colors. 

Eco-Friendly Chalkboard

To cut down on paper consider a chalkboard display. Hire an artist or enlist the help of a calligrapher friend to bring your board to life. If you need inspiration, there are plenty of templates available online that don’t require you to reinvent the wheel. A chalkboard is even a welcome addition to regular wedding ceremony programs if you need more space. Instead of trying to cram your wedding party in the paper program write out their names on the board. 

No matter how you choose to present your wedding ceremony program, The Crescent Beach Club will make sure your ceremony is executed to perfection. Your walk down the beachy aisle will be a moment no one at your ceremony will soon forget.

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