Wedding Dessert Menu: Sweet Desserts, Sweeter Memories - The Crescent Beach Club
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Wedding Dessert Menu: Sweet Desserts, Sweeter Memories

Dessert at The Crescent Beach Club

Wedding Dessert Menu: Sweet Desserts, Sweeter Memories

There are lots of features and tiny details that people will remember about your wedding: how gorgeous your dress was, the hand-painted table centerpieces, or the memorable favors. All of these details are important to pay attention to when planning your wedding. At The Crescent Beach Club, we want everything about your wedding to be unforgettable. This is why we take dessert, the most important part of your meal, very seriously!  No wedding dessert menu item is too extravagant for your Crescent Beach Club wedding. 

Custom Designed Wedding Cake

wedding cake

First and foremost to your wedding dessert menu is the one and only wedding cake. Our cakes are supplied by St. Honoré Pastry Shop located in Port Washington, New York. These fine, hand-crafted cakes double as works of art to compliment the aesthetic and theme of your wedding. The cakes are freshly baked and multi-tiered, complete with your choice of flavor, filling, and decor. At The Crescent Beach Club, all components of your special day are tailored to your liking!

Passed Desserts

What happens when people are waiting in line for the wedding dessert bar or for their cake to be served? This is something to consider if you have a larger guest list. To ensure that everyone can satisfy their sweet tooth at any time, The Crescent Beach Club offers passed desserts as part of its dessert menu options. This is just another luxurious feature The Crescent Beach Club offers to its honored guests. We offer everything from assorted mousses and truffles, to strawberry shortcakes, tiramisu, and cookies with milk shots! Everything on our menu borrows from classic favorites, and then adds a contemporary, innovative twist!

Sweet Sensations

Experience the sweet sensations of all the The Crescent Beach Club has to offer! We have on display a state-of-the-art chocolate fountain with a variety of dipping items, including fresh fruit, pretzels rods, rice krispies, and more! The “Crescent Sweet Shop” is your one-stop-shop for all ice cream related desires, including Häagen-Dazs and all of the timeless, must-have toppings. We’ve created a Milk & Cookies station to feed the inner child in you, and an Espresso & Cappuccino station to keep you energized throughout a night of dancing, partying, and good times!

Wedding Dessert Bars

Some of the most memorable and dazzling aspects of weddings can be the unique, artistic wedding dessert bars on display. These can allow wedding planners to get immensely creative and whimsical with their designs. At The Crescent Beach Club, we feature a D.I.Y Cupcake Bar, complete with different flavors, frostings, and toppings. Another fan favorite is our Waffle Bar, which serves warm, freshly-made Belgian waffles with Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream and gourmet toppings. Toppings include chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, whipped cream, berries, mini M&Ms, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and oreo crumbles. It’s safe to say that we pay attention to detail. At The Crescent Beach Club, the opportunities are truly endless!

The Fun Never Ends

In addition to the fun and charming wedding dessert bars on display at your wedding, there are even more options available to make your special day stand out. Did you know that The Crescent Beach Club creates special donut walls for weddings? Guests can choose donut flavors from Dunkin Donuts, which we then assort on a custom Donut Wall to be on display during the dessert portion of your wedding. At your Crescent Beach Club wedding, the fun will never end. Call  516-628-3000 today to start planning your wedding dessert menu! 

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