What you should include on your wedding website
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What you should include on your wedding website

wedding website

What you should include on your wedding website

Weddings today are extravagant events that have a lot of different details to keep track of. Informing your guests ahead of time all the elements they need to know is an awesome way to help them plan and get excited. Your wedding website is the perfect place to keep track of all that information and help you avoid having to answer the same questions over and over. While building a website might seem overwhelming, wedding websites are actually pretty easy to create nowadays. In fact, according to Wedding Wire, 79% of brides created a wedding website in 2019.

Technology is a great way to communicate with friends and family all over the world and your wedding website can be an incredibly useful tool. Planning it out strategically and putting the key details online will help keep you organized, and your guests prepared. If you’re worried about privacy, take advantage of the website’s password feature. When you tell people about your wedding website, simply send the password along with them and they’re good to go!

The most important thing your wedding website should include is your registry

When designing wedding invitations, you only have so much room for extra text and elements. Adding your registry on your website can help you get space back on your invite and gives your guests a one-stop shop for buying your gift online and getting exactly what you and your hubby-to-be want. Registries added to your wedding website can also link to multiple stores and even a newlywed or honeymoon fund.

Don’t forget the dress code on your wedding website

One of the most common questions guests ask couples is what attire they should wear. There seems to be tons of terms floating around from black tie to cocktail attire, but the most important thing is you communicate that to your guests. The last thing you want is for someone to show up under (or over) dressed and feel out of place. The website is the perfect place to add this important detail.

Adding details like transportation and lodging will put your guests at ease

It’s important to remember you’re likely inviting people from all over who might not know the area. Adding important information like transportation and lodging can be a huge help. If you have a block of rooms at a hotel, they will often provide you with a code for the guest to use when they call and a link to buy the room. These links are great to add on the wedding website. As far as transportation goes, think through everything from when they get there to when they leave. Key details like airport name and address (especially if it’s in-between a few airports) and shuttles or transport options to and from the reception will help everyone prepare. Keep in mind this section gets a bit more elaborate when you’re planning a destination wedding.

Local activities are always a big hit on your wedding website

While getting ready for your wedding may be a whole day event for you, your guests will likely have time to kill. Recommending local activities is a great way to offer some ideas to fill their day and can be a great conversation starter for guests at the wedding. Local coffee shops, bars and shops are all good, but you can also get creative with scenic walks, great breweries and interesting museums.

Add other events if they’re open to everyone

Some couples like to turn their wedding into a multiple day occasion. You can do that by hosting a welcome dinner or day-after brunch for everyone invited to the wedding and the wedding website is the perfect place to add those details. Putting the date, time and address of these events (and even dress code if appropriate) is a great way to get guests excited and planning ahead. Keep in mind, if these are exclusive to only a few people they are better left off the website and kept more private.

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