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What You Need to Know About Wedding Music

wedding music

What You Need to Know About Wedding Music

The soundtrack of your big day can make or break the atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a lively rock band or the pulsating beat of a club DJ, the wedding music playing at your reception is an important choice when planning your wedding. Not only does a DJ/MC play your favorites all night long, but they also announce your grand entrance, manage your timeline, and provide the equipment.

Here is our guide to finalizing your ideal wedding entertainment: 

What Kind of Entertainment Do I Choose?

There is a wide variety of music types to choose from for your wedding. Many couples opt for a traditional DJ/MC while others choose a band or a classical string quartet. Some people will choose a few different forms to add variety to the night. Your decision really depends on a few different factors:

Number of Guests

If you’re planning larger wedding you may be looking for for entertainment that will satisfy the different tastes of your guests. In this case a DJ with a great mix of genres and crowd pleasers is a solid choice. However, if your gathering is more intimate, a wedding band with a specific set and genre is always a great way to liven up the room with the big personalities of the musicians. 

Additionally, it is important to properly manage your musician to guest count ratio. If you’re bringing 200+ guests into a large ballroom a 4-piece band may not be enough. Meanwhile, a 12-piece band may be overkill for a reception with under 50 guests. 

Your Preference

Just like your theme, your dress, and decor, the music at your reception can put your personal style on display in a fun way. You and your fiance may bond over a love of retro big band musicians or the nostalgia of 80s tunes. Fortunately, there are a plethora of musicians out there specifically tuned to play the genres you love. If you’re concerned your guests don’t share the same taste you can segment your night into a few different acts. Hire a DJ for a few hours of traditional pop and rock and then bring in a blues band for an hour of the music you truly love. 

DJ/Band Leader’s Personality

A DJ or band leader’s personality can really impact the mood of a reception. Livelier personalities are great at getting guests up and dancing. Meanwhile, others are more reserved and relaxed – which may be what you’re looking for if you’re hoping for a low-key event. With that being said, you want to make sure you meet your MC in person and even request video samples of them in action. You want to hire them with the confidence that you’re in good hands and the certainty they understand your vision. 

Critical Questions to Ask a DJ

what to ask a wedding DJ about wedding music

1. How do you customize the wedding music experience for each couple?

While wedding bands often have rehearsed sets based on the genre they perform, DJs have more flexibility. You want an entertainer who doesn’t have a “one size fits all” mindset. The most skilled DJs are able to create a soundtrack based on your style and taste. They will also accept your must-play and do-not-play lists no matter how long they are. 

2. How do you handle song requests?

It is likely a few guests will want to make requests. It could be a song that’s part of an inside joke from college or a ballad your mom used to sing to you when you were a child. No matter what the case may be, you want to make sure a specific system is in place. Some DJs may tell couples they usually tell partygoers they have a set playlist, but they’ll try to fit in the request. Others might appoint a bridesmaid or relative to screen requests so the newlyweds aren’t interrupted. 

3. What equipment do you use?

Knowing this information allows you to coordinate with your venue properly. Some equipment requires more time to put together than others. Because of this, you’ll want to know how long it will take them to set up. Fortunately, many DJs are certified and have expertise in connecting systems. To make your day as seamless as possible it’s ideal to hire someone as professional and skilled as possible. Those with experience will know backup equipment is essential whether it be a microphone, a computer, or any other technology. 

4. Can I hear some examples of mixing and blending?

A good DJ should be able to blend between songs without a hitch. If the blending is off it will be very apparent to the ear. The last thing you want are awkward pauses in between songs. You also want to make sure they know when to change the music based on the energy of the room. A solid track of samples will help you determine your DJ’s skill level. 

5. What other services do you offer?

Many DJs offer packages that include add-ons like intelligent lighting and video screens. Instead of hiring various companies, using your DJs services allows for cohesion. They can make sure your video of memories plays in perfect time to the song of your choice. However, don’t feel pressured to pay for extra amenities if you don’t feel the need for them. 

Critical Questions to Ask a Band

wedding bands

What style of music do you play?

Live performers usually have a specific style as opposed to DJs who play a wide variety of genres. You want to make sure the band you book plays the music you want to hear at your wedding. Take a look at their set lists to see if your favorite songs are listed or ask them if they are able to learn a song before the wedding. 

2. What do you wear at wedding performances?

You choose what your wedding party wears to maintain a particular aesthetic. If style is important to you and your event, you’ll want to find out what the band will wear while performing. 

3. Do you have a contingency plan?

Singers can get sick and instruments can sometimes get left behind. Be sure to find out how your band would handle such roadblocks. Do they have a replacement vocalist on hand? Do they have backup amps and equipment? It’s your big day so do not hesitate to make sure they are prepared. 

4. Can we see you perform live?

To get the best picture of what your entertainment will be like at your wedding it’s always a good idea to see them perform live. Many bands perform gigs at public locations you can attend. Some bands even partake in showcases to give couples a taste of what they are like in the wedding venue setting. However, if you cannot see them live you can request a video or a live CD. 

The Crescent Beach Club is happy to work with you to bring in your dream wedding music and entertainment for the wedding ceremony and the reception. Our expert planners will coordinate with your DJ or band to make your day is timed out perfectly. 

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